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Desert Valleys wants to be your one-stop location for financial services and is introducing a new member tool called MoneyDesktop. MoneyDesktop is an online money management tool, securely integrated into our online banking platform, which empowers you to take control of your finances and simplify your life. Budgeting, account aggregation, auto categorization and debt management are just a few of the tools that make money think. We believe in educated members and care about your financial future so this is a free service to our members.

Feature List

The Basics

  • Transactions
  • Accounts
  • Spending Categorization
  • Budgets

And much more...

  • Goals
  • Spending Over Time
  • Net Worth
  • Debt Management
  • Alert

MoneyDesktop will be available beginning February 2nd, 2015 in our new on-line banking platform and will be fully integrated into our mobile application during the Fall of 2015.